Jubei Arrives in BlazBlue: Central Fiction Alongside the 2.0 Update!

Fans of BlazBlue: Central Fiction, it is time to rejoice!

Fresh off of his announcement following the BlazBlue: Central Fiction finals at EVO 2017, Jubei, the one eyed swordsman and legendary member of the Six Heroes, has officially joined the roster on both the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and Steam versions of the game.

Jubei is a smaller character that overtakes his opponents with his high speed. Utilizing sword slashes, fireballs, and quick movements, he dominates all standing against him!

Fans have long requested that the beloved Jubei be added as a playable character, and BlazBlue: Central Fiction delivers.

Joining Jubei is the 2.0 BlazBlue update patch, free for all owners of BlazBlue: Central Fiction. Bringing tweaks and balances to the game mechanics and every character, fighting game fans are sure to love the newest additions as one of the genre’s best entries gets even tighter and more polished.

Playstation 4: Jubei DLC

Playstation 3: Jubei DLC

Steam: Jubei DLC