Inferno Climber on Steam Updated to V0.3.01

Inferno Climber for Steam Early Access has been updated to version 0.3.01

New Additions

  • New area added! Player could now access lava area via the Thirsty Canal.

Fixes and adjustments

  • Fixed bug whereby Sand Dwelling Fish could be launched high up into the air.
  • Fixed bug whereby Sand Dwelling Fish could not be targeted.
  • Fixed issue whereby player could access locked area via shortcuts.
  • Fixed typo in egg freshness representation in item book.
  • Fixed issue whereby parts of the level in Thirsty Canal is not appearing.
  • Fixed issue whereby arrow could be shot through the ceiling at times.
  • Fixed issue in ‘Seeking’ skill whereby arrow continues to moves after hitting a wall.
  • Fixed issue whereby new Lantern only refill up to 999 instead of the full capacity.
  • Fixed level terrains whereby player could access unintended areas.
  • Edited various English mistranslation.…/annou…/detail/979916817372599701