GUILTY GEAR Xrd: REV 2 Intro Movie, EVO News, and More!

It’s been a big day of news for GUILTY GEAR fans! “GUILTY GEAR Xrd: REV 2″ is making its Japanese arcade debut on March 30, 2017, priming fighting game fans for the impending Japanese console launch on May 25, 2017! Not only will it feature new content including new characters, updated character balancing, new skills, and new stories, the game brings its beloved 2-player next generation battling with its beautiful animation and revolutionary game style. “GUILTY GEAR Xrd: REV 2″ also features the return of fan favorite Baiken, and the debut of Answer.


But that isn’t all! The Opening Movie of “GUILTY GEAR Xrd: REV 2″ has been released, allowing fans to catch the intro of the new game ahead of its launch.  The video features the opening theme, “Break a Spell” by


We have released the opening video for our 2-player fighting game “GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2.”  In this video, you can enjoy the battle scenes from the latest game along with the opening theme “Break a Spell” by Naoki Hashimoto. Showing off some amazing battle scenes and slick anime visuals, this intro video is well worth watching!


Arc System Works and Aksys Games Localization, Inc are teaming up to bring “GUILTY GEAR Xrd: REV 2” to the EVO Championship Series 2017 in a big way! Being held July 14 through July 16, 2017, it will feature an additional $10,000 dollar prize for the winner of the REV 2 main tournament event, GUILTY GEAR is sure to make a huge splash when the Las Vegas FGC mega event begins! Arc System Works is also planning on running their own booth at the venue, so we look forward to meeting all of our amazing fans!


Evolution Champion Series official website:


“GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2” has been selected as a tournament event for “Sai,” a new precursory tournament to EVO Japan 2018.


“GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2” has been selected as a tournament event for “Sai,” a precursory tournament to EVO Japan 2018, which is scheduled to be held on May 20 and 21st, 2017 at Akihabara UDX.  

Pre-entries are being currently accepted on the EVO Japan 2018 official website. We look forward to your participation.


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