Double Dragon IV Updated with Online Modes

A free update to “Double Dragon IV” is now available on the PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch™, and Steam versions that adds various Online modes at the request of many of our fans. *The Xbox One version does not require this update for online play.

What’s New!

Online mode 1 “Story mode”
You can play “Story Mode” which is the main mode of this title in cooperation with friends and players all over the world. Let’s rescue the kidnapped Marian by tagging. You can play with different tag teams using the many playable characters that are available.

Online mode 2 “Tower mode”
You can play the difficult “Tower Mode” in cooperation with your friends and players around the world. Defeat levels that could not be cleared alone with tag team play. Further playable characters will be released by clearing each stage.

Online mode 3 “2P Battle mode”
Fight against combatants from all over the world! User can fight one-on-one and select from 25 different characters.


▼Nintendo Switch™


▼Xbox One