Schedule (Local time) Tournament Region Venue Titles
2018.09.28-30 REVOLUTION Europe London
2018.10.13-14 SEA Major 2018 Asia Singapore
2018.11.23-24 ARCREVO Japan 2018 Japan Tokyo
2019.1.19-20 FROSTY FAUSTINGS North America Chicago
(Illinois State)
2019.2.15-17 EVO Japan 2019 Japan Fukuoka
2019.3.23-24 TOUSHINSAI2018-2019
*To be played on arcade cabinets.
*All members of the winning team shall be awarded with an invitation to ARCREVO AMERICA 2019.
Japan Tokyo ×
2019.4.5-7 Brussels Challenge Europe Brussels
2019.3.12-6.29 Sonkwo π Asia China
2019.5.2-5 KVO×TSB2019 Japan Osaka
2019.5.3-5 Headstomper Europe Malmo
2019.5.10-12 TEXAS SHOWDOWN North America Houston
2019.6.15 PlayStation® ARENA – FIGHTERS SPIRIT 2019 Asia Korea
2019.6.28-30 CEO 2019 North America Daytona Beach
(Florida State)
2019.6.30 BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE 2nd Official Tournament Japan Tokyo × ×
2019.8.2-4 EVO 2019 North America Las Vegas(Nevada State) TBC