Arc System Works hereby presents to you, the fighting game tournament of the world, the "ARCREVO WORLD TOUR"!
Qualifiers will be held in Japan, Europe, Asia and Americas regions, followed by the grand finals to be held at America, in 2019.
Starting from October 2018, the qualifiers will be held with the cooperation of various major tournaments world-wide, and the winners will be invited to the grand finals!
Who will reign champion of the entire "ARCREVO WORLD TOUR"?
Stay tuned for more updates on schedules and dates!

These are the events that are currently scheduled to be part of the ARCREVO WORLD TOUR.

North America Region
・EVO 2019 Las Vegas, Nevada
・FROSTY FAUSTINGS Chicago, Illinois
・CEO 2019 Daytona Beach, Florida
・TEXAS SHOWDOWN Houston, Texas
Europe Region
・REVOLUTION London, England
・Brussels Challenge Brussels, Belgium
・Headstomper Copenhagen, Denmark
Japan Region
・ARCREVO Japan 2018 Tokyo

Date: November 23-24, 2018
Location: TOC Gotanda Messe

・EVO Japan 2019 Fukuoka
・TOUSHINSAI2018-2019 Tokyo
・KVO×TSB2019 Osaka
・BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE 2nd Official Tournament Tokyo
Asia Region
・SEA Major Singapore
・Sonkwo π China,Beijing
・PlayStation® ARENA – FIGHTERS SPIRIT 2019 Korea,Seoul

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