Event Guide

Invited Players

Event Players Character Country Record
BBCF PAG | Monarch Es U.S. EVO2018 4th Place
GGXRD LostSoul Elphelt U.S. EVO2018 3rd Place
Shenzo Dizzy France REVOLUTION 2018 1st Place
Omito Johnny Japan EVO2018 1st Place
BBTAG FAME96 Narukami&Jin U.S. EVO2018 2nd Place
LordSpectreX RUBY&Gordeau U.K. REVOLUTION 2018 1st Place
Nameless(Heiho) RUBY&Gordeau Japan EVO2018 1st Place

These top players from overseas will also be participating in ARCREVO Japan 2018!

Free play titles

Title Company Details
KILL la KILL - IF (PS4) ARC SYSTEM WORKS Newest development version with up to 6 playable characters!
GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2 (APM3) ARC SYSTEM WORKS Now playable in the newest arcade cabinet by SEGA!
BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICITON (NESiCAxLive2) ARC SYSTEM WORKS Play in the latest arcade cabinet by Taito!
FIGHTING EX LAYER (AC) ARIKA CO.,LTD. Play the arcade version (NESiCAxLive2 cabinets) at Arika's booth.
Million Arthur: Arcana Blood (PS4) SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. Play the demo on PS4 at SQUARE ENIX's booth! Also, side tournaments will be held at the community space!
Tekken 7 (PS4) BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Playable at the community space!
SOULCALIBUR VI (PS4) BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Playable at the community space!

Arcade joystick rentals

Arcade joysticks are available for rent onsite. Please provide a personal identification document (Driving License, passport, etc.) and visit Arc System Works' booth to rent one.
We will require you to fill in an application form, and will provide the joystick upon verification with the provided personal identification document.

Arc System Works Booth Information (Merchandises)

  • ARCREVO Japan 2018 T-Shirt ¥2,000
  • AARCREVO Japan 2018 Face Towel ¥1,500
  • 30th Anniversary T-Shirt (White) Sizes(S・M・L・XL) ¥2,000
  • 30th Anniversary T-Shirt (Black) Sizes(S・M・L・XL) ¥2,000
  • 「GUILTY GEAR」 20th Anniversary Tapestry ¥3,000
  • 「BLAZBLUE」 10th Anniversary Tapestry ¥3,000
  • BB Radio Acrylic Key Holder set ¥1,500
  • BB Radio Foldable Mirror ¥1,500
  • BB Radio Smartphone Ring ¥1,500
  • 「GUILTY GEAR」 Travel Set ¥3,500

*Products displayed are sample images and may differ from the actual merchandise.
*Limited stock available. While stocks last!