ARCREVO Japan 2018

Fighting game makers in Japan unite! A festival of fighting games!

Event Name
ARCREVO Japan 2018
November 23-24, 2018(JPT)
Guests information
Mitsuhiro Ichiki (Mausu Promotion Co.,Ltd.)
Toshiki Iwasawa(I'm enterprise Co.,Ltd.)
Referee Chief
Kazuto Sekine
BBCF Dept.
Commentator:Riku Ozawa Analyst:Nakao(GODSGARDEN)
GGXrd Dept.
Commentator:Riku Ozawa Analyst:Koichi(GOZILINE)
English Commentary
Guymam / DSMoove
Live Stream details
Japanese Stream
November 23rd / 24th
Click here
English Stream
November 24th only
Click here
ARCREVO Japan 2018 Operations Committee(Arc System Works Co., Ltd.)
ARIKA CO.,LTD. Opening a booth with free play for "FIGHTING EX LAYER" (AC)
Attasa Ltd. Opening a merchandise booth and arcade stick rental service
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc Providing of"TEKKEN 7"(PS4)"SOULCALIBUR VI"(PS4) for free play
I-O DATA DEVICE, INC. Providing for the gaming monitors
KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD. Providing of "DEAD OR ALIVE 6" (PS4) for free play
Logicool Co Ltd. Providing for the gaming headset
ROOM WORKS Providing for the DXRACER gaming desks and chairs
SNK CORPORATION Providing of "SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy" (AC) for free play
SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. Opening a booth with free play for "Million Arthur: Arcana Blood" (PS4), and hosting a side tournament
Taito Corporation Providing for NESiCAxLive2 cabinets

*in alphabetical order.

Main titles
Please refer to the Event Guide.
  • Paticipants are not allowed to have multiple entries for a single title using different alias. All entries will be removed upon discovery.
  • Participants are allowed to enter in multiple titles. The timing of the matches will be adjusted in the event when the timing of the matches for different titles overlaps.
  • Although the tournament is scheduled to be in the double elimination format, in the event where there are too much participants, there is a possibility where the tournament will be in the single elimination format.
    *Regulations of each titles are stated here.
  • All live-stream setups are supported with the "bi-e-play" Game Tournament Commentary System.
    (In collaboration with SEGA Interactive Co., Ltd.)


100,000JPY cash prize, trophy, medal, Invitation to World Tour Final 2019.
First Runner-up
50,000JPY cash prize, medal
Second Runner-up
30,000JPY cash prize, medal

*Applied to all 3 titles.

Schedule (Japan time)

October 17 (Wednesday)
Player registration begins.
October 31 (Wednesday)
Announcement of invited players.
November 14 (Wednesday)
End of player registration.
November 16 (Friday)
Announcement of tournament brackets.


[ARCREVO Japan Terms of Participation]
Last update day: November 9, 2018 (final)

This document contains the Terms of Participation and Privacy Policy concerning the Japanese domestic qualifier "ARCREVO Japan 2018" for the globe-spanning ARCREVO WORLD TOUR ("AWT") held by ARC SYSTEM WORKS Co., Ltd. ("ASW").
Entry to participate in this competition by a competitor constitutes consent by that competitor to the Terms of Participation below and the Privacy Policy at the end of this document.

AWT is a tournament series held all over the globe, and consists of the latest ASW battle games "BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION," "GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2," and "BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE."
AWT is the inclusive name for "ARCREVO Japan 2018" held by ASW and qualifiers authorized by Arc System Works America Inc. ("ASWA") and ASW and held in each region by each host. All of these competitions together are called the "ARCREVO WORLD TOUR."
World Tour Final 2019, the competition that will determine the AWT grand winner, will be hosted by ASWA in autumn 2019. Competitors contend against each other for a chance to be included in the final tournament of this competition.

"ARCREVO Japan 2018" is the first qualifier for AWT held within Japan.
ASW is the host, and the event will be held on November 23 and 24, 2018 at TOC GOTANDA MESSE.

Winning first prize at this competition allows competitors participating in ARCREVO Japan 2018 to attain permission to compete in the World Tour Final 2019 final tournament. *The "final tournament" refers to the competition group of the best 32.
Also, competitors receive ARCREVO WORLD POINTS (AWP) based on their AWT qualifier performance and vie against other competitors for AWP superiority.
ARCREVO Japan 2018 is also one competition that awards AWP for AWT.
The AWP count will be totaled at the conclusion of all qualifiers, and the top AWP earner from each region (North America/South America, Europe, Asia, and Japan) will receive a spot in the World Tour Final 2019 final tournament.
If the competitor with the highest AWP already has a spot in the World Tour Final 2019 final tournament, the competitor in that region with the next highest AWP score who does not have a spot in the World Tour Final 2019 final tournament will receive a spot.
The remaining spots will be determined qualifiers at the World Tour Final 2019.

[2. Competitor participation eligibility]
Only competitors who will be at least 13 years of age as of November 23, 2018, are allowed to participate in this competition.
For all competitors under the age of 20:
・The permission of a legal representative (legal guardian) is required for the competitor to register and participate in competitions.
If Competitors are under the age of 15,
・Accompaniment by a legal representative (legal guardian) is required for all competitions in which the competitor competes.

Entering into this competition constitutes consent by the legal representative (legal guardian).
All players who have participation eligibility for AWT are referred to as "competitors."
If a competitor is a minor, the term "competitor" will include that competitor's legal representative (legal guardian) as well.

All employees, directors, and executives of ASW, partner companies, distributors, agents, and any other organization related to AWT preparation, execution, reward setting, or reward providing, or individuals with a close relation to such a person (spouses, siblings, parents, children, or their spouses) are not eligible to participate in AWT.
Staff members of competition organizers may participate in competitions that their competition organizer is not managing, but may not participate in competitions that their competition organizer is managing.

For identification verification during entry on the day of the competition, competitors may be asked to display proof of identification (a driver's license, health insurance card, passport, etc.). Competitors are thus asked to bring proof of identification with them on the day of the competition and display it quickly when asked. If a competitor cannot display proof of identification, or refuses to do so, that competitor's permission to participate may be cancelled.
Also, multiple entries for one person in one title are not allowed for this competition. If a multiple entry is discovered, permission to compete for that competitor will be revoked. Entering this competition is free, but all expenses required for participation (travel and lodging fees) are born by the participants. Even if this competition is cancelled or rescheduled due to uncontrollable circumstances (including natural disasters and acts or warnings of terrorism), ASW will be unable to compensate participants for those expenses.

[Competition player match-off]
After competitors register within the deadline, ASW will create a tournament chart randomly.

[Rules for participation right transferring]
If the first prize winner in a title declines the awarded spot, the spot will be transferred to the competitor with the next highest score among competitors who have not received competition spots in the World Tour Final 2019 final tournament.
If there are multiple candidates for receiving the spot who have the same competition ranking, standing will be determined via match win ratio (won/lost ratio).
However, if the first, second, and third prize winners all decline the competition spot invitation, that spot will become a qualifier participation spot during World Tour Final 2019.
After the winner of a competition spot is determined, ASW will contact the winner.

However, in the following cases, ASW will transfer the spot to the competitor with the next highest score:
(1) If there is no answer within 1 week after ASW contacts the winner
(2) If ASW is not able to determine if the winner wishes to compete 2 weeks after ASW contacts the winner

[How to enter in a competition spot]
After consenting to these Terms, go through the online competition spot entry process on the entry webpage.
Go to the competition venue before the participation registration reception deadlines for each title on the day of the competition, and go through the entry process.

[Rewards and restrictions]
This competition is an officially recognized competition of "Japan esports Union ("JeSU")".
The titles for this competition, "BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION," "GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2," and "BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE," are JeSU official titles.
When a competitor invited to World Tour Final 2019 for the titles in this competition receives pro-license authorization from JeSU based on JeSU rules, that competitor will receive the following rewards (award money and extra prizes).

First prize winner: 100,000 yen award, commemorative trophy, commemorative medal, permission to participate in World Tour Final 2019 (Permission to participate in the final tournament)
Second prize winner: 50,000 yen award, commemorative medal
Third place: 30,000 yen award, commemorative medal

If a competitor who attains the right to win a reward ("award winner") is under 15 years old, award money cannot be awarded to that competitor.
Also, if a competitor of at least 15 years of age but under 20 becomes an award winner, the consent of a legal representative (legal guardian) is required for the awarding of award money. If consent of a legal representative (legal guardian) is unobtainable, award money cannot be awarded.
If a competitor who has attained the right to be invited to World Tour Final 2019 in any of the titles is a competition participant from Japan, the reward will only be awarded if that competitor has received pro-license authorization from JeSU. All expenses for JeSU incurring from the issuance of the "JeSU Authorized Pro-License" will be paid by ASW. Competitors 13 years and older but younger than 15 will be issued a "Japan eSports Junior License" according to the JeSU rules.
*Even when a competitor is a competition participant from Japan who is at least 15 years old, if that competitor declines the JeSU pro-license authorization, the reward cannot be awarded to that competitor.
*For a participating competitor coming from outside of Japan, the "JeSU Authorized Pro-License" is inapplicable, and not having a "JeSU Authorized Pro-License" will not obstruct receiving the reward.
*Regarding travel expenses to World Tour Final 2019 (voyage and accommodation expenses), ASW will provide such to award winners as labor compensation (Outsourcing Agreement) for performing as a promotion, displaying a high level playing technique for the title in which that competitor competes.
*A JeSU pro-license is not required for second and third place competitors to receive rewards. However, this does not apply to competitors who attained the right to an invitation through advancement.

[Promotion cooperation]
At the point of time in which a competitor participates in this competition, participation constitutes granting permission to ASW, competition organizers licensed by ASW, and the press to record, film, or photograph the competitor's name, face, figure, voice, or public image ("Competitor Information").
Regarding all recorded, filmed, or photographed Competitor Information specified in the previous paragraph, the competitor grants to ASW and all entities licensed by ASW the right to edit, dramatize, submit, publically transmit (including both in the streaming format and download format), reproduce, display, feature in video displays or performances, broadcast, or use in any other format.
This usage right applies to the usage of this Competitor Information in perpetuity and worldwide regardless of whether, in the featured material, the competitor is alone or together with another person, whether the entirety or only a portion of the material is used, or whether the material is used on its own or together with other material, and for all known media and any media that will be developed in the future. This usage right also includes all lawful purposes of use, including the purpose of sales, advertising, and PR. Unless prohibited by law, this usage right does not require any additional remuneration, compensation, notification, or obtaining of permission.

[Consent to ARCREVO WORLD TOUR Official Regulations]
Participating in this competition by a competitor constitutes complete and unconditional consent by that competitor to the decisions of the final and binding power of the competition organizer concerning these Terms of Participation, including Official Regulations and competition rules, as well as all matters related to competition.
All rewards will be provided only on the condition that the competitor complies with all of these rules and provisions.
Furthermore, the Official Regulations are subject to change and updating according to the judgment of ASW, and all competitors participating in each competition consent to that possibility.

[Code of conduct]
All competitors are expected to act with respect towards other competitors, competition staff members, and spectators.
Any competitor who engages in inappropriate speech or conduct or who competes without complying with the rules, including these Terms of Participation, will be immediately disqualified from competition and is subject to losing the right to receive any and all rewards based on the judgement of ASW and the competition organizer.
Inappropriate speech or conduct includes, but is not limited to, the following.

Inappropriate speech or conduct such as violent language, threats or intimidation, harassment, registration of a player name that is disruptive to the public order or that contains discriminatory words, violence, collusion, acts of cheating through any means, deliberate game play delays, deliberate network cable disconnection, deliberate network connection interference, falsification of game play through known or currently unknown means, or any other conduct which ASW deems to be inappropriate. In addition, cases in which entry information contains false information, cases of non-compliance with the instructions of ASW or the competition organizer such as alcohol consumption, eating and drinking, or cigarette smoking outside of designated areas and sitting for longer periods of time, and cases of conduct that is deemed by ASW and the competition organizer as disturbing the smooth operation of this competition.

The competitor herein consents to comply with all final and binding judgments of the competition organizer, ASW, and representatives of ASW in all matters and at all times.
Both ASW and the competition organizer possess the right to disqualify any individual who is deemed by the judgment of either ASW or the competition organizer as hindering the competition format, process, or operation or as violating these rules.
Both ASW and the competition organizer possess the right to unilaterally and permanently ban a violating competitor from all future ASW events if either ASW or the competition organizer deems necessary to do so.

[Limits on legal liability]
Concerning competitors and entities involved in the competition, neither ASW nor the competition organizer bears liability regarding the following points.

- Incomplete or inaccurate information arising in equipment or programs, related to users and competition or used in competition, during competitor registration or the game play process due to technical or human error.
- Any operation or transmission errors, omission, interference, loss, deficiencies, delays, communication line errors, theft or damage, or unauthorized access that could potentially lead to changes in game play or game results.
- Network, line, server, provider, equipment, or software problems and technical deficiencies. This also includes any injury or damage incurred by a competitor due to participation in competition.
- Damage or loss to the competitor or the property of the competitor occurring during or due to participation in competition.
- The actions or non-action by entities involved in the competition or the employees of such that occur in the operation of the competition, whether through intent or negligence.
- Deficiencies in equipment or software. Lack of game verdict due to technical deficiencies.

Both ASW and the competition organizer may request a match or competition do-over or annulment due to technical error or other kinds of error.
If, due to a computer virus infection, bug, hindrance, illicit interference, fraudulent acts, or technical damage or if for any other reason the control of ASW or the competition organizer is not effective, the overall or partial competition operation, security, impartiality, reliability, or appropriate procedure is damaged or impacted, and the entirety or a portion of the competition does not proceed according to plan, ASW or the competition organizer has the right to cancel, close, change, or reschedule the entirety or a portion of the competition based on the independent judgement of ASW or the competition organizer.
If ASW or the competition organizer decides through the independent judgement of ASW or the competition organizer that an individual game, match, or the competition was disrupted or that the legitimacy of a game, match, or competition was damaged for any reason, ASW or the competition organizer may exclude that game or match and continue with competition operation using the remaining games, matches, and competition as a foundation.
If any competitors suffer a disadvantage in a game, match, or competition due to any kind of technical deficiency or equipment deficiency, ASW and the competition organizer possess the right to arrange a special game, match, or competition among the participants who suffered disadvantage.
If the entirety or a portion of the competition is cancelled, closed, changed, or rescheduled, ASW will put up an announcement at the AWT official website.
ASW and the competition organizer do not guarantee any compensation for damage to competitors arising from participation in this competition.
Regarding any trouble or disputes between competitors or a competitor and a third party arising in relation to participation in this competition, the competitor or competitors are responsible for resolving such among themselves and at their own expense. AWS and the competition organizer do not guarantee any compensation for damages arising in relation to these disputes.

[Revisions and changes to the Terms]
ASW may revise or change these Terms of Participation without prior notification. ASW will display the revised or changed Terms of Participation on the official AWT website.

[Governing law and jurisdictional court]
These Terms of Participation are to be interpreted with the law of Japan as the governing law. Furthermore, regarding any legal disputes regarding these Terms of Participation or this competition, the Yokohama District Court is the exclusive jurisdictional court of first instance.

[3. Privacy Policy]

[Personal information collected]
When a competitor enters ARCREVO Japan 2018, personal information including the player name, e-mail address, nationality, and place of residence will be collected. Furthermore, from competitors invited to World Tour Final 2019 (competitors who have received JeSU pro-license authorization and an invitation to World Tour Final 2019) in each title, personal information including name, age, address, nationality, telephone number, travel ticket number will be collected. Additionally, information such as form, face, and voice photographed and recorded at the time of participation in this competition is included.

[Usage purpose of personal information]
The personal information collected will be used for the operation of the related competition only. It will not be used for any purpose whatsoever other than the related competition.

[Provision of personal information to third parties]
Personal information for competitors other than first prize competitors in each title will only be used by ASW, the host of ARCREVO Japan 2018. Personal information for competitors invited to World Tour Final 2019 will be supplied to Arc System Works America Inc. ("ASWA," based in the US), the host of World Tour Final 2019. That information will also be supplied for invited competitor travel flight and accommodation facility arrangements and cooperating host country taxation procedures. Regarding disclosure to any other third parties, disclosure will only be provided in cases in which the third party possess legitimate legal grounds for receiving disclosure (a person or organization who has received a disclosure order from a jurisdictional court) and to Japanese domestic and foreign media.
Any matters not specified above are as stated in the Privacy Policy of ASW.

- Definitions -
ARCREVO WORLD TOUR (AWT): A tournament series held worldwide starting on September 28, 2018 and culminating in World Tour Final 2019, which will be held in the autumn of 2019.
World Tour Final 2019: The final tournament of the ARCREVO WORLD TOUR, to be held in autumn 2019.
Qualifiers at the World Tour Final 2019: The open competitions held on the first and second day of World Tour Final 2019.
Qualifier: This refers to qualifiers held in each region, including ARCREVO Japan 2018.
ARCREVO WORLD POINT (AWP): Points awarded to competitors based on scores in qualifiers. ASW calculates point totals for each competitor at the end of each related qualifier and updates the AWP ranking.
AWP ranking: This refers to the worldwide ranking order incorporating the total AWP attained in each competition during the AWT timeframe. The top AWP ranking competitor for each region at the end of the qualifier is eligible to receive a final tournament competition spot in World Tour Final 2019.
Competition organizer: This refers to an organization that is in charge of hosting and operating a competition.
Entities involved in the competition: In addition to competition organizers, this also refers to ASW, its partner companies, distributors, agents, and all other organizations involved in ARCREVO WORLD TOUR preparation, execution, reward setting, and reward providing.

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