Two New BlazBlue LINE Sticker Sets Now Available


Two new BlazBlue sticker sets have been added to the LINE Sticker Shop!

BlazBlue 2 and BlazBlue Radio 2 sticker sets are now available for purchase in honor of BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend’s Japanese release and upcoming North American release. LINE is a call and messaging app available for free on iOS and Android devices.

Choose from the super-deformed characters of BlazBlue 2, or the best moments of the online BlazBlue radio show with BlazBlue Radio 2! There’s a sticker for every mood, whether you’re looking for cute expressions to send your friends and family… or something a little weirder!

Stamp Information
Sales LINE Corporation
Where to Purchase LINE Sticker Shop (in the Creators’ Stickers section)(More > Sticker Shop > Three lines in the top right (other) > Creators’ Stickers)
*LINE stickers can also be purchased from the LINE online store
 BlazBlue 2:
 BlazBlue Radio 2:
Price US $0.99 (40 stickers per set, price varies by region)
Attribution © ARC SYSTEM WORKS
※ Note・LINE (free app) must be installed before purchasing stickers.
・The Sticker Shop is only available on the smartphone version of the app.
・Stickers purchased in the Sticker Shop can be used in the PC version of LINE.