The wait is over: Guilty Gear Xrd ~Sign~ is now available in Europe on PS3 & PS4

Guilty Gear Xrd ~Sign~ explodes onto your PlayStation 3 or 4 today in Europe.

Defend humanity one bout at a time as the next installment of the Guilty Gear fighting series, created by Daisuke Ishiwatari, comes to PlayStation®.

The slick 2D animated style and diverse cast make the transition into 3D for the first time, creating a dynamic new look and feel.

Learn the basics with the extensive tutorials and then master the nuances of each fighter against your friends or in story mode.

● Play as fan-favourites like Slayer, May, Faust and Sol Badguy or new characters Elphelt, Bedman and Leo Whitefang.
● Catch your enemies off guard by perfecting the Roman Cancel system – a signature fighting mechanic which lets you slow down time after an attack.

For more information, please visit the Guilty Gear PSN page:!/en-gb/games/guilty-gear-xrd-sign-/cid=EP9000-CUSA01689_00-GGXRDSIGNEU00100