The Game Awards x Arc System Works

During The Game Awards 2023, Arc System Works unveiled the next addition to the roster for Guilty Gear -Strive-, Elphelt Valentine!

Arc System Works announced the newest playable character, Elphelt Valentine, available in Season 3 of Guilty Gear -Strive-, alongside the new
game mode TEAM OF 3 arriving in 2024 and the Elphelt Entry Memorial Sale. The announcement was made during The Game Awards live in Los Angeles on Dec. 7, marking the
10th year of the annual awards show celebrating the best games in the industry along with
exclusive reveals.

Get your hands on Elphelt and Season Pass 3 with the links below:

Watch Elphelt’s Official Trailer Here:

Elphelt Valentine is available as a purchasable character ($6.99) and for players who purchase Season Pass 3 ($24.99) on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Steam®, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, & Windows platforms.
Ignite the drive within your soul!

Sweet daydream bullet train Elphelt crashes onto the scene. Created by the Universal Will, Elphelt can easily overwhelm one’s opponent with a mass arsenal of mix-up tools while remaining simple to pick up and play. Her love for nature and animals makes seeing anyone alone unbearable. As a head-first problem solver, she leads with impenetrable optimism.

Following a battle with the Universal Will, she assumes a position within Illyria Castle, where she struggles to keep up with the work confidently. Although no one blames her for making mistakes, this fact weighs on Elphelt, and she runs off.

Throughout her journey, she longs to bring smiles to people’s faces, which she later finds to be in the form of a microphone. To this day, her band, “Speothos Venaticus,” remains popular among the scene.

Watch Elphelt’s Starter Guide Here: