SK Japan is holding a BlazBlue TCG Unlimited Vs. event!

SK Japan’s popular BlazBlue TCG Unlimited Vs. is holding an official event in five cities throughout Japan called “Unlimited Battle Tours 2014: The Gale War.” Check it out if you’re a local!


Event Details

Admission fee Free
Event venue Tokyo

8/23 (Saturday) , Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Hamamatsucho Hall


8/31 (Sunday), Sun Sky Room


9/7 (Sunday), TKP Garden City Sendai Koto Stage

*Please direct any questions about the event to SK Japan.


Merchandise Corner

The Merchandise Corner opens at 9:30 at every event. The event lineup includes tons of exclusive BlazBlue goods.


Card Folder BlazBlue Secret Report ¥2,500 (includes tax)



With special cover!


EX Character Sleeve BlazBlue Ragna=the=Bloodedge ¥700  (includes tax)




Character Deck Case BlazBlue Noel & Mu ¥500 (includes tax)




Storage Box BlazBlue Ragna=the=Bloodedge ¥500 (includes tax)





That’s not all. BlazBlue TCG Unlimited Vs. items such as booster packs and starter decks will be available for purchase as well.

There will also be other exclusive items such as B2 half-size posters and deck separators.




Don’t miss out on BlazBlue cards with exclusive illustrations that you can only get at the Unlimited Vs. event! We hope to see you there.

For more details, please head over to the official SK Japan Unlimited Vs. site.