Of Mice and Sand -REVISED- Update Hits Switch Today

Torrance, California, May 11th, 2018  – Arc System Works Co., Ltd. is proud to announce that the mice based survival strategy game Of Mice and Sand -REVISED-, out now for the Nintendo Switch, is getting a big update today.

■Update Method

The update will start automatically if your Nintendo Switch is connected to the internet.

If the update does not start, you can update manually. To update manually go to the game icon in the HOME menu, and press the +button (or the – button).

When a menu is displayed, select “Update Software”→”Update via Internet.”

■Verifying the Update

To confirm if your game is updated, go to the game icon in the HOME menu, and press the +button (or the – button).

When a menu is displayed, please verify the version number indicated on the title at the top of the screen.

If you see “Ver. 1.2.0,” the game is already updated.

■Update Contents

・Added sound test. You can access the sound test in a save data file that has seen the ending at least once through the pause screen.

・The task management screen now displays the number of deliverables currently on the ship.

・Added functionality to replace a bound mouse in a facility with a new one if the player binds another mouse in the same facility.

・Insufficient items in the task status screen will not display in red text.

・Tab positions are now  saved when displaying windows.

・The selection cursor position in the task selection screen can now be saved.

・Added a button to jump to a different mouse in the mouse information screen.

・Added Korean language user interface.

・Adjusted camera speed minimum and maximum values to more closely represent their actual speeds.

・The game now sends a crash report whenever an error occurs.

・Adjusted the default sound volume.

・Updated information according to PEGI rating change.

・Fixed an issue where a portion of the texture becomes blurry.

・Fixed an issue where selecting the “Hospital” at certain times crashed the game.

・Fixed an issue that prevented the game from proceeding after choosing “Expel” and a new mouse is born immediately afterward.

・Fixed an issue where the pause button texture doesn’t change after pressing it.

・Fixed an issue where the select button doesn’t respond immediately after opening the map.

・Fixed the unlocalized portions of the facility, “Brainwasher.”

・Fixed the missing double quotations in the English text of rumors.

・Fixed other translation and spelling errors in the English language option.

・Fixed an issue where a mouse can be bind to the storage.

・Fixed an issue where the map’s camera position is not initialized when loading a saved data.

・Fixed the item mislabelling of a drop item in the random event “Sandworm Dung.”

・Fixed an issue where the wrong item is displayed in the production item slot in the “On the Attack!!” task.

・Fixed an issue where the finger cursor does not display in the tutorial.

・Fixed an issue where the translucent effect of the laser shot from the “Rogue Droid” is not properly applied.

・Fixed the inaccuracy of the pop-up after choosing “do not assign” the “select” and “cancel” buttons.

・Adjusted achievement names.

・Adjusted the graphics of the close window button to prevent confusion due to its close resemblance to the X button.

・Fixed the BGM that plays near the Sand Hill Graveyard.

・Fixed an issue where the text messages on the bottom of the screen U.I doesn’t loop at “End Game” and instead displays a different save data.

・Fixed an issue where the cursor disappears at the quest screen.

・Fixed an issue where the required number of items is incorrectly displayed in the task selection screen.

・Fixed an issue where the Outpost menu button touch box was inaccurate with the visuals.

・Fixed unlocalized U.I in the pause screen of the Arcade.

・Fixed the unlocalized text message when a mouse dies.

・Fixed an issue where the speaker’s icon does not properly display during the event entering the road to the “Polar Region.”

・Fixed the Arcade’s ship interior graphics.

・Added text to indicate that there are no executable tasks in the task select screen, if such is the case.

・Fixed an issue where if the task “On the Attack!” is remaining after a battle is over it blocks all other tasks and a mouse gets stuck.

・Adjusted the left stick input feel in the list type U.I.

・Fixed an issue where items fall outside the ship when taking certain actions while the ship is full of items.


Of MICE and SAND -REVISED- is an intense single player strategy simulation game that puts you in charge of a desert craft and its rodent crew. Build up both your vessel and your crew as you brave the harsh desert landscape, helping out those you come across and battling a multitude of foes along the way. Brave an alien planet, and turn your squeaking subordinates into first-class shipmates, all in the name of adventure! Do you have what it takes to survive and discover the fabled legendary city of gold?

Key Features:
  • Navigate the Dunes in Search of Treasure: Intriguing items await your discovery in the scorching sands. Steer your ship from settlement to settlement, filling it with riches.
  • A Deep and Addicting Crafting System: Add a factory, workbench, lab, and other such rooms to your ship, and turn your scavenged materials into rarer items and make food for your mice. Sell crafted items at settlements to raise funds for more thrilling adventures!
  • Customize and Build Up Your Ship: Create more than just rooms for crafting: Sleeping quarters so your crew can catch some Zs, or maybe even a jukebox to give them a boost. Build powerful weapons to keep desert hostiles off your back. Utilize crafted items to build a variety of rooms and enhance your ship.
  • Explore a Varied and Surprising Desert: On your trek, you may come across an oasis, perfect for replenishing your water supply, or befriend a fallen mouse in need of aid. And who knows? You may even find some precious items in crashed spaceships!
  • Discover -REVISED- Content: “Of MICE and SAND -REVISED-” is full of brand-squeaking new discoveries! And did you hear? There are rumors of snowfall at the desert’s edge. What events and enemies await…?!

Scour the searing sea of sand!

Wander the windswept wilderness!

Adventure in ancient, atrophied architecture!

Steer a sturdy, steel vessel! Hear the mice roar!


Title:Of Mice and Sand -Revised-
Genre:Desert-Exploring Moving-Fortress Simulation Game
Release Date: 01/11/2018
Price:$ 9.99
Platform:Nintendo Switch™ (downloadable software)
Languages:English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese
No. of Players:1 Player

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