Mononoke Slashdown Now Available on Nintendo Switch

Arc System Works America, Inc., the developers of legendary fighting games like Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, is pleased to announce that Mononoke Slashdown is now available for the Nintendo Switch on the Nintendo eShop. Developed by FK Digital, you take up the role of Kagemaru the ninja to defeat evil monsters and demons using kunai daggers, ninjutsu arts, and your trusty katana in this stylish 2D action game!

Mononoke Slashdown Features

  • Awesome boss encounters!
    Use a multitude of ninja magic and weapons to defeat the evil sweeping over the city.
  • Power Up!
    Collect in-game currency and use it to buy powerful weapons, armor, ninjutsu techniques to improve Kagemaru’s chances for survival.
  • Hidden Secrets!
    Discover secret challenges on every stage. Can you complete them all?

Rated Everyone 10+ by the ESRB, Mononoke Slashdown will be available via the Nintendo eShop at the price of $6.99 USD.