Inferno Climber Coming Out of Early Access

Inferno Climber will be leaving Early Access to full version release on September 8th 18:00~20:00(PDT).

Players will be able to enjoy the complete content in the full version.
Also, the Early Access Special Price will end, and the price will revert to the original price of $29.99 USD with a launch discount to be revealed at a later date.
Kindly note that the discounted price during the launch sale period will still be higher than the Early Access Special Price.

<Important Notice>
To facilitate the transition, the following procedures will be implemented in this order:
1. The price of the game will be set to $29.99 USD  a couple of days before the full version release.
2. The game will then be released to the full version.
3. The launch discount will be applied shortly after the release.

Please be aware that due to implementation time gaps, the game will temporarily be at the full price of USD $29.99 at certain time intervals while we work out the release.