Hotashi is the ARCREVO America 2021 Champion!

On March 19th, 2022 in Burbank CA, Arc System Works Inc. crowned the ARCREVO America 2021 Champion! During this event each of the top 2 finalists from their region battled it out to determine who would come out on top, and although each and every one of these finalist put their heart, soul, and determination into each and every match, it was Hotashi who ended up on top.

Fans watching the finals witnessed as Moist|Hotashi (Julian Harris) from Florida rose above the competition to become the ARCREVO America 2021 Champion with the support of his iconic main Nagoriyuki.

Congratulations to Moist|Hotashi on this amazing achievement!

Congratulations to 2nd place winner Vizio|Jonathan Tene and 3rd place winner Daze, we appreciate your hard work and determination.

1st — Moist | Hotashi (Nagoriyuki)

2nd — Vizio|Jonathan Tene (Zato-1)

3rd — Daze (Giovanna)

4th — PAR|FlashMetroid (Ky Kiske)

5th — Intel|Razzo (Leo Whitefang)

6th — YK|Symbolist (Sol Badguy)

Arc System Works thanks all the finalists, partners, and fans for making ARCREVO America 2021 an amazing experience. We hope to see you all for the next tournament Arc System Works has planned.

If you would like to watch the event be sure to click the link below:

Results down below: