Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Ver. 1.04 Patch Notes

Thank you for playing Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-!

Today we would like to detail the upcoming Ver. 1.04 patch for the PS4/PS3 versions of the game, to be released later this month.

Please check back for an announcement when the release date is confirmed.

Note: Ver 1.04 is separate from the 1.10 arcade update. We will release the balance patch as soon as it is ready.

We’re very sorry for the wait. Thank you for your understanding.

(Patch notes are for the Japanese console release. Please note there may be changes for the English version.)

Various Fixes

 No.  Summary System Details
 1  Network  PS4/PS3  Improved cross-platform play  stability.
 2  Player Matches  Fixed the issue of M.O.M.  character levels displaying  incorrectly.
 3  Fixed the issue of  occasionally not being able to  play with certain players.
 4  Trophies  Fixed the issue where players  would not earn the trophy  “Single” when promoted.  (Players who were not able to  earn it previously can get it  by playing one match online)
 5  System Voices  Adjusted the volume of DLC  Character System Voices so  they are easier to hear.
 6  Library  Fixed typos and omissions.

Improved Functionality 

No.  Summary  System  Details
1   Network Lobby  PS4/PS3  Increased the  number of  beginners’ lobbies  and their  position on the Lobby list
2  Idle characters (no player input)  will no be forced to leave the  Lobby. (If you are idle for 5  minutes, your icon will be turned  on its side. After 15 minutes  without input, you will be  disconnected from the Lobby)
3  Ranked Matches  Improved the waiting timer so it  does not pause as often.
4  Player Match  Room  Voice has been added to notify  players when it is their turn to  fight.
5  Instantly return to the Waiting  Area by pressing the X button
6  Voice chat is now disabled when  players enter a room where voice  chat is banned.
7  Characters can now be changed  from the fighter seat.
8  The date and time are now  displayed at the top of the  screen.
9  Player Matches  Optimized font size and scroll  speed of match Comment  function.
10   Ranking  Added a menu for obtaining  player profiles.
11  Replay Theater  Victory animation can now be  skipped when watching a replay.
12  Options  Removed the option to reset  your D-Code.

Plans for Next Update

 No  Summary  System  Details
 1  Ver. 1.10  PS4/PS3  Apply balance  adjustments from  arcade Ver. 1.10
 2  Tournament App  Add support for the  tournament companion  app.
 3  Player Matches  Add Room Disbanding  Notice functionality for  room owner.
 4  Options  Add a Random option  for System Voice

We will announce the date of the next patch when it has been determined.

Finally, we are working to fix Ranked Match issues on the PS4 such connection issues and the time it takes to find players.

Unfortunately, it is going to take more time to rectify all of the problems. For now, please use the standby function by choosing Ranked Match, Entry to continue to play while waiting for Ranked Matches.