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New Indie Experience from Developer Arc System Works Now Available Digitally for $14.99

Torrance, Calif. – June 30, 2022 – Arc System Works America, Inc. announced the strategic digging game “Ground Divers!” is now available exclusively as a digital title on the Nintendo Switch for $14.99. In Ground Divers!, players will guide the clumsy robot Tsuruhashi as he struggles to stay awake to defeat the enemies lurking around every corner, and search for rare matter slumbering deep underground.

The story takes place on a planet in a distant solar system struggling with depleting energy sources. Their savior arrives in the form of a tool known as “Tsuruhashi.” After resolving the issue by unearthing “rare matter” from deep underground, Tsuruhashi vanishes. Without their savior around, people create “mining frames” to explore the underground. The teams who use mining frames to excavate the underground are known as Ground Divers.

Players will take the role as a member of one such team, Studio Tsuruhashi, and pilot the mining frame “Tsuruhashi,” which operates using energy from “Cheer Crystals.” These mysterious crystals convert support into a power source for the mining frame. Players will dig deep down beneath the ground to uncover the secret of these crystals and find rare matter.

Ground Divers! features:

  • A Mining Journey Full of Danger and Thrills – Players will set guidance pins at their destination to lead Tsuruhashi down the right path and utilize pit stops along the way to their fullest, with an arsenal of strategic options available. Players will need to find the best way to dig their path. The stages change each time, and the difficulty steadily climbs as players’ skills improve, making for great replayability.
  • Wield Cheer Energy to its Fullest – Connecting the cables along tunnels players dig creates an energy source to power-up Tsuruhashi. Players will maximize their digging efficiency by providing power, with bonuses such as increasing Tsuruhashi’s digging speed or attack damage. When players face off against powerful bosses, the energy they charge up can help turn the tides with a special attack.
  • Created by a Star-Studded Team – With a theme song by the anime music legend Hironobu Kageyama, the design of Tsuruhashi and character design supervision by the accomplished mecha designer Shigeto Koyama, and character designs by manga artist Kakeru Kakemaru, Ground Divers! boasts a team of incredible creators.

To learn more about Ground Divers!, please visit the official website here.

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