Arc System Works, Inc. is pleased to announce that “UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH II Sys:Celes”, the latest title in the UNI series, has officially released! Those who purchase from now until 3/31/25 will gain access to the Season Pass!

 『UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH』 Latest in the UNI Series!

The graphics have evolved and the visuals have been renewed in this title. The long-awaited new story of “The Hollow Night” is now available to fans.

New playable characters, new techniques, battle systems and networks have been further evolved to create innovative game battles! Experience the heated battles with high-definition dot-based HD graphics!

・Final chapter of the series! A New Story of “The Hollow Night

The Sys:Celes comes apart. The world on the verge of collapse.

The last chapter of the tale of The Night. The conclusion will come under the Disastrous Cuprite Night.

New playable characters “Kaguya”, “Tsurugi”, and “Kuon” join the game!

The Twin Barreled Beauty who dances under the moonlight, Kaguya; The Steel Guardian who is an unbreakable wall, Tsurugi; and The Never-Ending Rebirth who lives forever, Kuon, all make their playable debut!

■Announcing Future DLC Characters!

We have announced Uzuki, Ogre, and Izumi as future DLC characters. Though these characters will be available as DLC in the future, customers who have purchased the physical limited edition or the Digital Deluxe edition before 3/31/2024 can obtain these characters for free, so don’t miss out!

  • New Character Uzuki included in Season Pass

Uzuki is every bit as monstrous on the inside as she is elegant on the outside. All she wants to do is play with her bizarre powers and see lots of people suffer. This led her to join Amnesia, which she’d heard was full of interesting people. But when it turned out that the leader of Amnesia was obsessed with gaining further power in order to become a Re-Birth, Uzuki lost interest.
The solution was simple: All she had to do was rip things apart until the fun came back.
Thus begins the story of rebellion.

  • New Character Ogre included in Season Pass

The former leader of a faction of wielders called the Bankikai, Ogre once challenged Amnesia–the largest faction–to a duel. He came very close to defeating the all-powerful Paradox; however, he was met with misfortune when a certain newly-transformed Void ran rampant. Alone, Ogre fought to stop the Void, but ended up falling into the Abyss of the Night along with it.
He has been missing ever since….Until now.
How has Ogre returned to this world? And for what purpose?
Ogre himself doesn’t know the answers.

Izumi is the wielder of Initiator–the final key to unlock the door of the Night. To be precise, it takes the form of a mysterious fish that follows her around. Among the Weapons of Judgement, each deeply tied to the Night, Initiator plays the crucial role of “the end.”
Up until now, Initiator has monitored the Night from a distance, but now, the time has come to settle this matter.
The mysterious fish never shares any details about what is afoot; Izumi knows next to nothing of the Night.
She longs for the day to come when she’ll no longer be used by her fishy companion Elefee….

  • New techniques added for all characters!

New moves, such as Hyde’s “Blaring Outrage” and Linne’s “Soaring Dragon”, have been added to all characters!

  • Celestial Vorpal

 If the GRD gauge is filled 6 nodes or more, you enter Celestial Vorpal. The entire GRD becomes yours and your attack power, and more, will be greatly increased for a set amount of time.