February 28, 2024 – ARC Live: Road to Arc World Tour Finals 2023 Information Recap

On February 28, 2024, Arc System Works America sat down with special hosts Rynge and Sajam to go through the Group Stage Drawing for Guilty Gear -Strive-, the Bracket Draw for Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising, cover what’s been announced for Arc World Tour Finals 2023 as well as unveil some new additions to the event. Here’s a recap of everything that happened:

Guilty Gear -Strive- Group Drawing Stage

Bron Mitchell (Esports Manager for Arc System Works America) sat down with Rynge and Sajam to discuss how the draw was put together in order to keep the drawing stage as random as possible while maintaining competitive integrity for all competitors.

Players were separated into four groups or four.
With this in mind, hosts would draw 1 random name from each group to fill the finalized Group Stage for Guilty Gear -Strive-, happening on Day 2 of Arc World Tour Finals 2023 and determine who battles who for the shot of becoming Arc World Tour Champion. The results are as follows:

Group A:

Group B:
FLY | TempestNYC , Zando , Gobou , IBUSHIGIN | Tyurara

Group C:
TSM | Leffen , PepperySplash , Twis | Splash , LCQ #1

Group D: BC | Jonathan Tene , Solo | Verix , ONI | Tiger_Pop , LCQ #2

Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising – Bracket Draw

Once the groups for GGST had been set, the cast moved on to drawing the names for the GBVSR TOP 8 bracket that would be taking place on Finals Day along with GGST Top 8.
All competitors would funnel into winner’s side in this TOP 8 and will be played as a double elimination bracket. With this in mind the casters went on to begin drawing each player into the respective position within the bracket. The results are as follows:

Revealed AWT23 Information Recap

After the groups and bracket has been determined, the hosts went on to reiterate all of the announcements that had been made for the Arc World Tour thus far.

See below for confirmed information regarding Arc World Tour Finals 2023

NEW DLC Character Playable Demo Station

The next character coming to Guilty Gear -Strive- in Season Pass 3 will be playable at Arc World Tour Finals 2023!

En-Nichi Artist Alley at AWT23

The En-nichi Japanese Night Market section at Arc World Tour Finals 2023 will have an artist alley where artist will be selling premium materials directly to attendees!

BYOC and Arcade Area

The En-nichi Japanese Night Market section at Arc World Tour Finals 2023 will have a BYOC (Bring your own console) and Arcade section for attendees!
Bring any Arc System Works Published Titles to play with your friends in your down time or play some of the provided titles in the arcade section!

Booth Partners at AWT23

There will be some awesome booth vendors at Arc World Tour Finals 2023! You can swing by their booths throughout the entirety of the event to get your hands on some fantastic merchandise!

NEW Season Pass 3 Character Teaser

Shortly after recapping all the information released regarding Arc World Tour Finals 2023, Bron provided this silhouetted image showcasing the newest addition to Season Pass 3 of Guilty Gear -Strive-.

Can you guess who it is? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter using #GGSTGuessWho

Brand New Information Reveal

After teasing the silhouetted image of the newest addition to Guilty Gear -Strive-, the cast revealed some new additions to the Arc World Tour Finals for the very first time:

Special Live Concert at Arc World Tour Finals 2023

There will be a special live concert taking place on Day 3 (Finals Day) of AWT23!
This concert is available to all attendees on Day 3 as well as VIP ticket holders!


Along with the announcement of the Special Live Concert, the cast followed up and ended the livestream with the announcement and confirmation of ARC WORLD TOUR 2024 and it’s first qualifying event; EVO Japan!

Watch the full VOD of ARC LIVE: Road to Arc World Tour Finals



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