Chaos Code Patch Notes v1.01 (North America & Europe)

An Italian chef seeking to save his restaurant. An artist searching for the plot of his next manga. A hyperactive otaku who’s the Sub Lieutenant in the Earth Union military.

What do they have in common? They seek the unlimited power of the Chaos Code.

The arcade 2D fighting game sensation, Chaos Code on PlayStation 3, has been patched to match the Japanese arcades. New skills, command lists, new movements, and gameplay balances abound! Read on for more:

PlayStation®3 Edition 《Chaos Code》 Patch Notes (1.01)
System Changes:
1. Increased input delay for wake-up moves.
2. Air Heavy Counter Hit has been changed. Recovery is now possible after a certain period
3. Damage modifier values for all Chaos Gauge consuming moves is set to a minimal of 30%
4. Added invalid combo indicator. Combo counter turns purple if an invalid hit occurs



  • Damage decreased for all air moves
  • Blast Triple Kick – Attack speed increased for B and D versions
  • Thunderstrike Kick – EX version’s action for the last hit has been changed
  • Sky Break Thunderstrike Kick – Attack speed increased
  • Shadow Tornado Fang – C version’s action changed, A version has new followup inputs (A-D)
  • Quake Crushing Fist – A and C version damage differentiation, increased recovery on A version
  • Splittting Break Touch of Curse – After hit, opponent’s defense is reduced by 50% for 10 seconds



  • Missile Gauge mechanics adjusted, stocks automatically refill when missiles and bombs are used
  • Run – Movement speed increased
  • Far D – Hitstun decreased
  • Full recovery for the Missile Gauge when Exceed Chaos is activated
  • New Special Move – Prankish Bomb ↓↓+K (EX)
  • Mischievous Missile – B and D version trajectories have been changed
  • EX Mischievous Missile – Can perform an extra jump or air dash after the input
  • Prankish Missile – Added EX version
  • Aerial Invitation – Added EX version, air normal and special moves possible after the input
  • Charming Splash – B and D version differentiation, changed the number of hits for the B version
  • Charming Splash – Added EX version
  • Welcome Boost – B version’s movement speed increased. expanded the hitbox for the D version
  • Dangerous Company – Opponent’s reaction when hit in the air has been changed
  • Prankish Whip – Input delay on C version decreased. Changed the opponent’s reaction on hit for →P, and air reaction on hit for ←P
  • Angelic Wing – Added air version



  • Standing A – Hitbox in the upper region expanded
  • Jump D - Startup decreased
  • Crouching D – Hitbox in the upper region reduced, attack duration shortened, opponent’s reaction when hit in the air has been changed
  • Mermaid Princess – Opponent’s reaction to the normal version on hit has been changed
  • I’ll serve you! – Opponent’s reaction to the B version on hit has been changed
  • I’ll serve you! – Added EX version
  • EX I’ll support you! – Adjusted the duration of the lower body invincibility frames
  • Little Devil’s Love Stamp – Added EX version, EX version can be canceled into normal version
  • Bell of Happiness – Goal In! – Changed the trajectory of the A version
  • Extra Ultimate Chaos Change – The Truth in the Mirror/Love is a Phantom
  • Love is a Phantom – B and D version bunshin delay differentiation, bunshin projectile support added
  • Meow Meow Miracle Dynamite – Startup decreased, upper/lower body invincibility for B/D versions



  • Bullet Gauge recovery time increased
  • Full recovery for the Bullet Gauge when Exceed Chaos is activated
  • Crouching C – Expanded hitbox upwards, shorter attack duration
  • Close D – Reduced to 1hit, 2nd hit is now the new Command Attack, Axe Drop (→+D after cl.D)
  • “Heavenly Shot – New directions added, opponent’s reaction on hit to followup shots has
    been changed”
  • Easy Come, Easy Go – Hitbox in the upper region reduced
  • Slash Beat – A version’s recovery increased, upper body invincibility frames increased
  • Slash Beat – C version’s lower body invincibility frames decreased
  • Slash Beat – Added EX version, refills Bullet Gauge during recovery
  • Smashdown Arrow – B version action changed, opponent can successfully guard while crouching
  • Sweet Trap – Opponent’s reaction on hit has been changed
  • Easy Come, Easy Go – Hitbox in the upper region reduced
  • Dancing Storm – Air normal and special moves possible after Level 2. Extra jump or air dash possible after Level 1



  • Palm Strike – Startup increased
  • Far C – Action changed, former f.C is now the new Command Attack, Surface Slash (Far C+C)
  • New Command Attack 2, Surface Slash (→+C)
  • New Command Attack 3, Moon Light (Jump C+←C)
  • Demon-Slaughtering – Opponent’s reaction to the 2nd hit of the A version has been changed
  • EX Wickedness Lightning – Movement distance increased
  • Infernal-Devotion – A and C version attack differentiation, A version now explodes on hit
  • Guilty-Darkness – B and D version movement differentiation, B version is now stationary



  • Maximum health value increased
  • Standing B – Startup decreased, recovery decreased
  • Far C – Movement shortened
  • Far D – Recovery decreased
  • Far D (1st hit) – Active frames decreased, movement increased
  • Phantom of Yog-Sothoth – Opponent’s reaction to the A version when hit in the air has been changed, movement increased for the C version
  • The Hounds of Tindalos – Added EX version
  • The Ring of Papaloi – Opponent’s reaction during guard has been adjusted for the D version
    Shadow of the Dagon – Chaos Shift now possible
  • Interstellar Flight Hastur – Increased the amount of movement for the followup
  • Tulzscha – D version’s recovery decreased
  • Incarnation of Darkness – Added air version, gauge consumption increased for A and B attacks, disabled for 5 seconds after gauge is delepted


MG Hikaru

  • Maximum health value decreased
  • Maximum stun value decreased
  • Run – Movement speed increased
  • Backward Jump – Distance decreased
  • Standing A – Startup increased
  • Standing B – Close B removed, replaced with Standing B
  • Jump C – Recovery decreased
  • Jump D – Recovery increased
  • Throw – Opponent’s reaction after a succesful throw has been changed
  • Houzankou – Feint now possible for the C version by holding the button
  • Bright Star Triple Attack – Added EX version
  • Blue Sphere Break [Retsu] – Attack trajectory for the EX version has been adjusted
  • Fast Press Slap – C version damage increase when held at maximum, added EX version
  • God Speed Punch – Stance can be canceled by pressing B or D, damage increased when held



  • Maximum stun value decreased
  • Far D – Can now be canceled into a special move or high jump
  • Air Throw – Air special moves can be performed after an air throw
  • Mugen – EX version added, changed the action of the D version
  • Mugen – Utsuroi – Can perform an extra jump or air dash during recovery of the D version
  • Mugen – Utsuroi – Added EX version, can perform an extra jump or air dash after input
  • Genjin – Added EX version, now adds poison on the last hit
  • Poison damage increases when opponent is hit with another poison attack during poison state (up to 3 levels)



  • Run – Movement speed increased
  • High Jump – Distance increased
  • Jump B – Hitbox reduced in the lower region
  • Far C – 1st hit can now be canceled into a special move or high jump
  • Crouching C – Hitbox reduced
  • Welcome Spin – Lower body invincibility for the A version, upper body invincibility for the C version
  • EX Welcome Spin – Movement decreased
  • Tornado Sasuage – New charge command added (←hold→+P)
  • Invite Dining Table – Command changed to ↓↙←+P, added EX version
  • Sublimating Frying Pan – Added EX version
  • Passionate Thunderous Soup – Chaos Cancel now possible, distance increased for the EX version
  • Flying Wrapped Dumpling – Added air version
  • Explosive Soup Dumpling – Recovery decreased after hit, invincibility frames for D version on startup
  • Kneel! Three Sacred Treasures – B and D version differentiation, distance increased for the D version
  • Shock! Crisis in the Restaurant – Movement speed increased


Cait & Sith

  • Maximum stun value increased
  • Added Air Throw (Jump A+C), Sith is set in position for extra commands after a successful Air Throw.
  • Spear Punch – Opponent’s reaction to the normal version on hit has been changed
  • Suicide Little Sister Attack – Added EX version
  • Suicide Little Sister Set – Added new input (↓↓+BD)
  • “Forgive Me, Little Sister Decoy Attack – A and C version reaction and damage differentiation, removed stun damage “
  • Suicide Little Sister Set – Opponent’s reaction to the↓↓+K followup on hit has been changed, recovery increased for Sith
  • EX Rising Dragon Attack – Opponent’s reaction on hit has been changed
  • Our Graceful Trick Through - Increased invincibility frames during startup
  • My Own-style Special Attack – Dynamic Megaton - Command input has been changed to↓↘→↘↓↙←+K
  • Great Overhead Nova – Opponent can now successfully guard the air version while crouching



  • Jump A – Expanded the hitbox downward
  • Close D – Opponent’s reaction on hit has been changed
  • Guard Break Attack – Startup increased, range increased
  • Floating Desire – Opponent’s reaction on hit to an exploding lightning orb has been changed
    Awakening of Gaia – B version’s duration increased. Timing can be altered for D version by holding the button
  • Awakening of Gaia – Added EX version, damage increased, opponent can successfully guard while standing
  • EX Singing Sensation – Hitbox increased
  • EX Floating Desire – B version’s lightning orbs are placed after activation
  • Bursting Desire – B version does not trigger lightning orbs
  • Scorching Pleasure – Number of hits decreased
  • Raging Blizzard – Startup increased, recovery decreased



  • Close B – Expanded the hitbox downward
  • Spin Knuckle – Movement increased for the normal version
  • Guard Break Attack – Range increased
  • Mega Swing Attack – Added EX version
  • Dodge and Bullet – Invincibility frames decreased
  • Dodge and Bullet – B version’s action and opponent’s reaction when hit in the air has been changed
  • Rainbow Drop Combination – Startup increased
  • Rising Orbit – Startup increased, changed the action of the B and D version
  • Counter Crush: Code C – Counter version’s damage increased
  • Guardless Disruption – D version’s distance increased
  • Guardless Explosion – Changed the timing for Chaos Shift


Celia II Kai

  • Jump A – Recovery increased, hitbox reduced
  • Standing B – Startup decreased, recovery increased
  • Far D – Increased to 2 hits, opponent’s reaction has changed
  • Jump D – Startup increased, active frames increased
  • Throw – Opponent is now further away after a successful throw
  • Deadly Spark – A version’s ground distance decreased, startup and movement speed increased for C version
  • EX Deadly Spark – Ground version’s invincibility frames and startup increased
  • Tragic Disparity – B and D version damage and opponent reaction differentiation, invincibility frames removed
  • Tragic Disparity – Added EX version
  • EX Hell’s Configuration – Removed upper body invincibility
  • Core of Death – Damage increased
  • Burning Gaze – Startup increased



  • Throw – Recovery increased, can now start a combo in the corner after a successful throw
  • Standing B – Recovery decreased
  • Crouching D – Recovery decreased
  • Bubble – Reduced the opponent’s trajectory after a successful hit, recovery increased, changed the positions for the A and C version
  • Bubble – Changed the opponent’s trajectory for the EX versions
  • Confession – Recovery decreased for Kudlak, duration of the projectile increased
  • Passion – Faster startup and recovery for the projectile after contact with the opponent, hitbox no longer active if projectile is attacked
  • EX Passion - Recovery increased for the projectile
  • Surrender – Depletes the opponent’s Chaos Gauge by a fixed amount
  • Passive – Removed the priority in startup
  • Atonement – A and C version distance differentiation, A version retains full invincibility
  • Atonement – Opponent’s reaction during guard has been changed