BlazBlue: Centralfiction Now Out on Steam!

Steam fans rejoice! The latest installment in the ‘BlazBlue’ series, ‘BlazBlue: Centralfiction’, is now out on the Steam platform! Developed by Arc System Works and published on Steam by H2 Interactive, we are thrilled to bring this amazing game to a whole new audience.


For the first time in the ‘BlazBlue’ series, Naoto Kurogane, Hibiki Kohaku, Nine the Phantom, and Izanami join the playable character roster! The Steam version of ‘BlazBlue: Centralfiction’ also includes the three DLC characters from the console versions – Es, Mai Natsume, and Susano’o! This brings the total roster to the largest the franchise has ever seen: 35 playable characters. Good luck picking just one main!



Gamers that purchase the Steam version will snag some awesome digital bonuses as well! ‘BlazBlue: Centralfiction’ comes with 10 tracks of the original soundtrack and a digital memorial book with over 100 pages of content!


Because Steam is a global platform, the Steam version of BlazBlue: Centralfiction’ supports a number of languages including Japanese, English, traditional and simplified Chinese, and Korean.


You can grab your copy of ‘BlazBlue: Centralfiction’ on Steam here: for $39.99 USD, with a limited 20% loyalty discount if you already own a ‘BlazBlue title on Steam, and a limited 10% discount for all fans, to celebrate the launch!