BlazBlue: Centralfiction Hits Steam on 4/26!

BlazBlue: Centralfiction’, the latest entry in the 2D fighting game series developed by Arc System Works, is being published by H2 Interactive and releasing on Steam on April 26th, 2017!


Combining a fast and franctic 2D fighting game with the deep story of a visual novel, the BlazBlue series is a highly popular franchise with a very devoted and passionate fan base. The latest installment, ‘BlazBlue: Centralfiction’, serves as the climactic ending to the long running Azure Saga. Questions will be answered, mysteries will be revealed, and fights will be fought as fans experience what it was all leading up to!


For the first time in the ‘BlazBlue’ series, Naoto Kurogane, Hibiki Kohaku, Nine the Phantom, and Izanami join the playable character roster! But that’s not all. The Steam version of ‘Blazblue: Centralfiction’ will also include the three DLC characters from the console versions – Es, Mai Natsume, and Susano’o! This brings the total roster to the largest the franchise has ever seen: 35 playable characters.



Fans will also be given some awesome digital bonuses as well! ‘Blazblue: Centralfiction’ will come with 10 tracks of the original soundtrack and a digital memorial book with over 100 pages of content!


The Steam version will support a number of languages including Japanese, English, traditional and simplified Chinese, and Korean for the global release.