Big News for Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- at Evo 2016

Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- just had a huge day at Evo 2016. Tominaga “Machabo” Masahiro defeated Hashimoto Omito in the Top 8 finals after a tense and riveting set of matches, resulting in skyrocketing hype from the crowd.



The rankings for the finals once the dust settled:

1. Machabo- (Sin Kiske)
2. Omito (Johnny)
3. Rion (Ky Kiske)
4. Nakamura (Millia Rage)
5. Ogawa (Zato-1)
5. GGP|Kazunoko (Raven)
7. PG|MarlinPie (Zato-1)
7. TopGaren (Zato-1)

Not only that, but right after the victor was declared, Guilty Gear director Ishiwatari Daisuke showed up on stage to announce some big news for the game. First up? Fan favorite Dizzy would finally be returning to the world of Guilty Gear.



**Dizzy will be available for a LIMITED TIME for the price of free, starting on 7/18/16. Download now on PS4 and PS3**

Ishiwatari Daisuke also announced that Patch 1.03 would be released immediately, bringing new changes and balances to the game’s roster of playable characters.

Finally, Daisuke discussed the upcoming Patch 1.04, which would add a new Digital Figure Mode, allowing for great snapshots of your favorite characters in various poses.