BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle — PS4 Open Beta FAQ

The time has come for Fates to Cross!

Join us for our Open Beta week, which is available to ALL players on PlayStation 4.

You can find the full schedule here:

From where can I pre order? To access the demo, you will need to pre-order from the online PlayStation Store.
*Pre orders are not available for the Switch or Steam version at this time.
I downloaded the demo, but it won’t let me access it! Even with the demo downloaded, the beta only becomes accessible after it has been pre-ordered from the PlayStation Store.

If you are still having issues after pre-ordering, please close out of the Trial Version app and restart it.

What is the Open Beta schedule and what are the playable modes in the demo? Please see the link below for a detailed schedule:

How many characters are playable in the demo? During the Open Beta period, 20 characters are playable to ALL demo players.

After the Open Beta period ends, anyone who pre-ordered the game on PlayStation store will continue to have access to all 20 characters. If you haven’t pre-ordered the game, or if you pre-ordered through other methods, you will still have access to the 4 main characters until launch.

I pre-ordered the PS4 version, but I can’t access the open beta. Please go to the “BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE Trial Version” icon in the PS4 home screen. Press down and select the Playstation Store. Confirm that you have the “Beta Play Right” in the additional items.
If you cannot confirm the above, please refer to the “Will we still have the Early Access benefits even if I pre order the game after the Open Beta starts?” question.
Do I have to have pre-ordered the game before the beta began? No. All pre-orders during the beta period will have access to the beta.
How can I switch the online lobby server? You can switch servers in the Online Lobby menu, which is accessible through the Entrance.
Is the game still playable without an internet connection? Yes, but it will require an internet connection to download.
Does the game support cross-platform play? No.
Will my save data and battle records carry over to the official release? No.
Will the beta offer dual audio? Yes. The game offers dual audio, as well as the ability to choose an audio option for each individual character.
How come my rank doesn’t change no matter how many matches I play? Ranks are obtained in Ranked Lobby, which is not available for the Open Beta.
What is a Player Card? A Player Card is a feature that allows players to customize themselves. Think of it as a business card using your avatar, titles, icons and plates.
How do I obtain titles, icons and plates for the Player Card? You can buy them at the Item Shop using P$.
How do I obtain P$? You can obtain them by playing the various modes in the game.
Can I still play, even if I’m not a PlayStation®Plus member? Yes, except for Online Lobby.
I’m experiencing lag, even when I have 4 bars of connection quality with my opponent. Please try the following recommendations:
1.) Your home internet connection may be undergoing heavy load. Try decreasing the load (lessening ongoing downloads, streaming, etc.)
2.) Use a wired LAN connection.
Will the bonus characters Platinum, Kanji, and Orie be playable in the demo? Only 20 characters will be playable during the Open Beta period. To play Platinum, Kanji, Orie, and Blake, come to Wednesday Night Fights (5/9), Anime Central (5/18-20), or Combo Breaker (5/25-27)!