BBTag on PS4 will be updated with a new online mode, “Tournament” mode, for beta testing.

BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE Events Manual – PlayStation 4
This manual explains the procedure to participate in the “Tournament” mode implemented in the PlayStation 4 version of “BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE.”

A new mode that has been implemented using the PlayStation 4 Tournament function. Players will be able to participate in tournaments that have been set by the server.

■Tournament Regulations
There are 3 different rule sets for a tournament.
・Single Elimination
・Double Elimination
・Swiss Round
The tournament regulations change with each rule set. Please check the tournament overview for more information.

■To participate in the tournament, players are required to follow the following procedure:
1.Register for the tournament
Players are required to register for the tournament before it starts.
For more information, please look at the “Registration Procedure”
2.Check-in for the tournament
Players are required to check in for the tournament before the tournament starts. The check-in time for each tournament is in the tournament overview. For more information, please look at the “Check-in Procedure.”
3.Joining a Match
Select “Join” in the menu to begin matching with your opponent when it is time for your match to start. A message displaying “Please wait” will be displayed when selecting “Join” before the match. Please wait until the time of the match, or restart the application and select “Join” again once it is time for the match.

■Registration Procedure
1. Select “Online” → “Tournament” in the in-game menu and select a tournament to participate in.


2. Select “Register” to register for the tournament.

3. Logging into an ESL account is required if it’s the first time the player is participating. Enter your ESL account or PlayStation Network account to login.
4. A check mark will be displayed if registration is successful.


■Check-in Procedure
1. Please check in during the Check-in period.

The Check-in period is stated in the tournament overview.

■Joining a Match
1. Once the event starts and the opponent has been decided, it will be displayed on the tournament screen. Select “Join Now” and a session with the opponent will be created automatically.


However, selecting “Join Now” before the time of the match will not begin matching and will prompt a “Please Wait” message. Wait at the screen until the time for the match, or play in an offline mode while waiting for the match to start. However, do take note that the player is required to close the application to return to the game.

■Match Result
The match result will be sent automatically to the admin. If the opponent does not appear when it’s time for the match, please report to the admin using the menu below. The result of the match will be set by the admin in this case before the player can proceed to the next match.

■Progress of the tournament
Players will be able to view the progress and result of the tournament from the tournament event detail screen by selecting “View Match Results or “Tournament Standings”.