ASW x PGW – DAY 1 WRAP-UP (Nov.1)

Arc System Works Day 1 at Paris Games Week was a huge success. Thank you to all who stopped by our booths and watched our livestreams. In case you missed it, here’s a short recap below:

Our staff at Paris Games Week set up a fantastic booth and exhibition station for all event-goers to enjoy.
There are demo stations for Undernight In-Birth II [Sys: Celes], River City Rival Showdown, Double Dragon and of course, Guilty Gear -Strive-.

The Day kicked off with our special guest and host Achorawl, showcasing River City Rival Showdown and Double Dragon.
The video footage can be found here.

Next, we welcomed Kamone Serizawa (UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Series Director) to our broadcasting station to introduce UNDERNIGHT IN-BIRTH II [Sys:Celes] to our livestream and event-goers.
He discussed the last 10 years of his involvement with UNDERNIGHT and provided the latest information for Sys:Celes.

Shortly after, Kamone showcased his fighting ability with Achorawl on stream, playing exhibition matches against one another. A wide variety of gameplay from various characters was shown, and you can watch that footage here at the 3 hour 25 minute mark.

Once the exhibition between Kamone and Achorawl had finished, we transitioned to our showcase for Guilty Gear -Strive-.
Achorawl invited event-goers on stage to play against him on our live stream. This footage can be found here at the 4 hour 30 minute mark.

We then transitioned to our Guilty Gear -Strive- Presentation, hosted by Producer Ken Miyauchi. He answered various questions and talked all things Guilty Gear. This footage can be found here at the 5 hour 43 minute mark.

Towards the end of the livestream, we made a special announcement for Potemkin’s Heat Tackle, a new move being added to his kit in the upcoming update slotted for December. Check it out in the video to the left of this caption.

During all of these fantastic broadcasts, event-goers were enthralled with the demo stations that were available at the Arc System Works Booth. Here are some photos of happy fans playing their favorite Arc System Works Titles:

Thank you to everyone who watched our livestream and stopped by our booth at PGW on Day 1! We look forward to providing more exciting updates as Paris Games Week continues!
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