ARCREVO America 2021 Finals

Join us now for ARCREVO America 2021 finals streamed live at Esport Engine in Burbank California!

Watch now as the finalist Daze, FlashMetroid, Intel|Razzo, Moist|Hotashi, YK|Symbolist, and Vizio|Jonathan Tene battle it out to decide who will be crowned Champion while your hosts Rynge and Sajam commentate the play by play!

To recap, each of the finalist qualified in their region by placing top 2 in the event they participated in. Each were rewarded with a custom-art Guilty Gear -Strive- Hit Box supplied by our partners at Hit Box Arcade and a trip to Southern California to take part in the finals and a $30,000 prize pool.

Watch now:

Don’t your chance to win all the amazing Giveaway prizes as well


A special thank you to all of our partners who are supporting the event: ASTRO Gaming, Esport Engine, Hit Box, Red Bull, and Child’s Play Charity.