Arc System Works at Anime Expo 2019

Arc System Works is going to Anime Expo again, and we are hoping to see all of you there! We will have the latest demo of KILL la KILL – IF at the show, new merchandise and a few other surprises.

Dates: July 4th – 7th 2019



  • Where can you find us? Excellent question! We’ll be at Booth# 3711 in the South Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center. If you need more help, let Mako show you the way!:


  • Takeshi Yamanaka (KILL la KILL – IF, Producer) with members of Studio Trigger Autograph Sessions
    • Thursday, July 4
      Autograph Session 1/3
      Kentia Hall, Table 2
    • Saturday, July 6
      Autograph Session 2/3
      Kentia Hall, Table 5
    • Sunday, July 7
      Autograph Session 3/3
      Kentia Hall, Table 2


  • Arc System Works Presents: KILL la KILL – IF Live Drawing Session featuring Studio TRIGGER

  • Date:
    Saturday, July 6
    8:00pm – 9:30pm

  • Location:
    LP1 (Petree Hall Live-Streaming Room)
  • Guests and Panelists:
    • Takeshi Yamanaka (Arc System Works)
    • Shigeto Koyama (Studio TRIGGER)
    • Hiromi Wakabayashi (Studio TRIGGER)
    • Mikey McNamara (Interpreter & MC)
    • …and more!
  • Description:
    Join Arc System Works producer Takeshi Yamanaka as we explore how an idea goes from concept to paper through the video game KILL la KILL – IF. Featuring a live drawing session with Studio TRIGGER guests, Hiromi Wakabayashi and Shigeto Koyama, this is a panel you DO NOT want to miss. We heard there might also be a very special secret guest…!?


Introducing the brand new “GUILTY GEAR TRAVEL CASE”


Also, we will be selling lots of excellent merchandise at our booth for our fans – a nice mix of old and new.



  • GG Keychains: $10
    Faust, Johnny, Dizzy, Axl, Sol, Jack-o, Elphelt, Baiken, Millia, Venom, Jam, Ky, Leo, May, Ramlethal, Raven
  • BB Keychains: $10
    Ragna, Jubei, Litchi, Bang, Taokaka, Tsubaki, Platinum, Azrael, Noel, Jin, Hibiki, Naoto, Mai
  • BBTag Standees: $20
    Noel, Makoto, Es, Hazama, Mai, Nine
  • GG Travel Case: $55
  • Noel Shirt $25
    S, L, X Large
  • Ragna Shirt $25
  • Deadspike Shirt $25
  • BBTag Evo Shirt $25
  • GG Evo Shirt $25
  • Arc System WorksSnapbacks $35
  • GG/BB Sports Towel $20

Free Tote Bag $50 purchase (While supplies last)

Hope to see you all there!