AnimeNYC 2018 Round Up


Arc System Works America, Inc. had a great time at Anime NYC 2018! Check out everything that went down during the event:

BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION Special Edition is Coming to the Switch!

BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION Special Edition is going to be hitting the Nintendo Switch eShop in the west on February 7, 2019! It will contain all DLC Characters (Es, Susanoo, Mai Natsume, and Jubei), System Voices, and Additional Colors from the previous release. (As well as some special colors exclusive to this version!)

The game will be released digitally for $49.99, and will support up to 2 players offline, and up to 8 players online!

Kill la Kill – IF Debuts Two New Characters!


Kill la Kill – IF continues to wow fans, this time debuting two brand new characters playable for the very first time at Anime NYC! Nonon Jakuzure and Hoka Inumuta join the growing roster of this upcoming arena fighter based on the beloved STUDIO TRIGGER anime.


The mystery adventure visual novel is going international! World End Syndrome is a romantic mystery adventure game created from a collaboration between Arc System Works and TOYBOX. Character designs are by Yuki Kato, known for their work as an artist and designer for the BLAZBLUE series. Other known creators on the project include Tomio Kanazawa for the scenario and Takashi Nitta for music.

World End Syndrome will be available Spring 2019 on both the PlayStation 4 PlayStation Network as well as the Nintendo Switch eShop.