Torrance, Calif. – January 18, 2024 – Arc System Works America, Inc. and Project Moon announced the immersive, card-based battler Library of Ruina is coming to PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™ in Spring 2024.

This new version of Library of Ruina comes fully voiced in Japanese by a cast of talents such as Shunsuke Takeuchi (Roland) and Ikumi Hasegawa (Angela), and includes the in-game digital soundtrack and artbook originally found on the PC version, as well as developer commentary.

Library of Ruina is the follow-up to Project Moon’s Lobotomy Corporation, taking place in the same world and setting. Players take the role of Roland, the self proclaimed “washed up” Fixer, hired hands who do any job requiring skills that the average person does not have. After his sudden appearance in the Library, Roland finds himself assisting the director Angela in her search for the “One Absolute Book.” To obtain this book, they must invite Guests to the library – Guests who meet their end during their reception are transformed into Books, guiding them to new Guests, and eventually the One Absolute Book. 

In this Library Battle Simulation, players battle guests that arrive in the Library that require a unique strategy to defeat. 

During battle, both sides roll dice to determine who moves first. A match begins when two characters target each other with attacks. Both sides roll dice, and the side with the higher roll wins. This allows them to damage the opponent – a combination of tactics and luck will lead players to victory. Winning a battle turns guests into Books, which can be extracted to Pages to create equipment or triggering various effects, expanding the strategies available for the next battle.

Checking the stats and weaknesses of guests before each battle begins and putting together unique Battle Pages to expand strategic approaches throughout the game is essential. This customization and evolving strategy throughout Library of Ruina allows for a deep, tactical deck building experience. 
For more information, please visit the official Library of Ruina website. The new version will be available at retail and digitally for $39.99 MSRP on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, and is rated M by the ESRB.

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