Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code


Started off as an indie development, the final episode of the hit series, “MELTY BLOOD Actress Again Current Code” is now on Steam! Enjoy a large character variety, maximum combat freedom, and a deep dive into the lore within different game modes.

Maximum Combat Freedom

All playable characters come with 3 separate styles for players to choose from – “Crescent Moon Style”, “Full Moon Style” and “Half Moon Style”. Each style exhibits a different behavior for the selected character; experiment away to discover your own combat style!

Largest Character Variety in the Series

Today a friend, tomorrow a foe… Some tag-teamed, some got converted to the vampiric side, some just wanted to have a spot in the promised movie debut. Try your hand at the largest cast number among the series with all 31 characters (multiplied by 3 styles each!) to find the dream fighter that suits you best!

Deep Lore

A year has passed after the TATARI incident left Misaki Town scarred. However, the nightmare revisits again for the third time. Every character has a story to tell in “ARCADE”. Also, users may enjoy pure battle action in “VERSUS”, whether it is 1P vs 2P, 1P vs CPU, or just watch CPU vs CPU.

Online Battle Feature

Players may head over to the “NETWORK MODE” and play against other players over the internet with “RANK MATCH” and “PLAYER MATCH”. Pit your skill against others in a serious matchup via “RANK MATCH” and watch your rankings grow with each win!