Guilty Gear 2 Overture


Dormant Gears begin to vanish and the capital is under attack by a mysterious force. Ky Kiske, the first king of Illryia, searches for Sol Badguy as he prepares for battle. Join Sol, Sin, Ky, and a cast of characters as they confront this mysterious force and uncover the secrets of the Backyard.

With two completely different game systems carried out in a fast paced real-time environment, you can be the commander of your troops, the frontline hero of your army, and battle enemy forces head-on while giving out commands!

The player-controlled “Master” comes equipped with an arsenal of actions available. Chain your attack combos and charge your tension gauge to MAX to unleash devastating Overdrives upon your foes!

Choose from over 50 different units, each with their unique actions and abilities. Then advance together and capture enemy bases!